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How the HKMA Innovation Award is Revolutionizing the Future of Business

Updated: May 17

As the business landscape continues to evolve and innovate, it is crucial for startups to seize opportunities that promote growth and recognition. We are excited to announce the HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award 2024, an esteemed platform that celebrates organizations breaking new ground in innovation. This blog post aims to introduce this prestigious award and encourage startups to register and showcase their groundbreaking ideas and achievements.

About the HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award:

The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) launched the HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award in 2022/23 to contribute to the development of Hong Kong as an international innovation and technology hub. This award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated exceptional out-of-the-box thinking in various domains of innovation, including product or service innovation, process innovation, business model innovation, platform innovation, and social impact innovation.

The award serves as a catalyst for collaboration among businesses, government, and academia, fostering knowledge exchange and the creation of new ideas across sectors and industries. By participating in this award, startups have the opportunity to gain public recognition, establish valuable connections, and showcase their commitment to putting innovation into practice.

Award Categories and Recognitions:

The HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award 2024 features three main categories: Innovative Organizations Awards (Large), Innovative Organizations Awards (SMEs), and Innovative Rising Stars Awards. Within each category, several awards will be conferred, including the prestigious Innovation Champion of the Year, Gold Awards, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards, and Excellence Awards.

Additionally, there are special awards that recognize exceptional achievements in specific areas such as AI applications, non-local entries, product and service innovation, process innovation, business model innovation, platform innovation, social impact innovation, collaboration and partnership, customer intelligence, digital transformation, innovation culture, technology adoption, and a special award for non-governmental organizations/non-profit organizations.

How to Participate:

Participating in the HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award 2024 is a straightforward process. Startups interested in showcasing their innovative initiatives and gaining recognition for their achievements can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the award:

  2. Read the eligibility criteria and award categories to determine the most suitable category for your startup.

  3. Fill out the registration form for either the Innovative Organizations Awards (Large/SMEs) or the Innovative Rising Stars Awards.

  4. Submit the completed entry form before 5:00 PM (HKT) on May 22, 2024 (Wednesday).

  5. Prepare a comprehensive write-up showcasing your startup's innovation, highlighting the impact it has created, and submit it before 5:00 PM (HKT) on June 21, 2024 (Friday).

Registration Fee:

The registration fee for the HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award 2024 is waived, providing startups with an excellent opportunity to participate without any financial constraints.

Registration Form:

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