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Building Bridges Between Macau, China, and the Portuguese-Speaking World: the 929 Challenge and Pier 25

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the need to foster meaningful partnerships and collaborations across diverse regions has never been more crucial. In this regard, two innovative programs based in Macau, China are making significant strides in bridging the gap between China and the Portuguese-speaking world - the 929 Challenge and the Pier 25 Innovation and Acceleration Program.

The 929 Challenge: Catalyzing Sustainability-Focused Startups

Established in 2021, the 929 Challenge is a startup competition that aims to build bridges between China and Portuguese-speaking countries through sustainability-oriented business ventures. The program offers a two-week intensive bootcamp, where teams define, validate, and develop their sustainable business models using the Lean Startup methodology.

One of the key aspects of the 929 Challenge is its focus on sustainability. By encouraging startups to address the pressing challenges faced by both China and Portuguese-speaking nations, the program is actively contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. From empowering local communities to implementing eco-friendly practices, the 929 Challenge is fostering innovative solutions that have the potential to create lasting impact.

The program's success is evidenced by the impressive achievements of its past winners. In 2023, the startup category was dominated by Portuguese teams, with GLOOMA, BEDEV, and FYKIA taking the top three spots. The university category also saw strong representation from Chinese and Portuguese-speaking institutions, showcasing the diverse talent pool that the 929 Challenge is able to attract.

Pier 25: Accelerating Tourism Startups in Macau

The Pier 25 Innovation and Acceleration Program is new to Macau that is making waves in the startup ecosystem. Focused on the tourism sector, Pier 25 offers a four-week international acceleration program designed to empower high-potential startups in areas like mobility, sustainability, and social impact.

By providing startups with access to bootcamps, workshops, and specialized mentoring, Pier 25 is equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the dynamic Greater Bay Area market. The program's emphasis on sustainability and community empowerment aligns with the broader trends in the tourism industry, as travelers increasingly demand responsible and eco-friendly experiences.

Furthermore, Pier 25's partnership with MELCO, a leading integrated resort and entertainment company in Macau, presents exciting opportunities for startups to collaborate on the development and implementation of innovative solutions. This strategic collaboration not only benefits the startups but also contributes to the overall growth and diversification of Macau's tourism sector.

The Impact on Macau's Startup Ecosystem

The 929 Challenge and Pier 25 programs are having a profound impact on Macau's startup ecosystem, positioning the city as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship that bridges the gap between China and the Portuguese-speaking world.

By attracting talented teams from diverse backgrounds, these programs are fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, which is crucial for driving sustainable development and economic growth. Moreover, the financial support, mentorship, and networking opportunities provided by the programs are empowering startups to scale their solutions and expand their reach.

As Macau continues to diversify its economy and transform into a hub for innovation and technology, initiatives like the 929 Challenge and Pier 25 will play a pivotal role in shaping the city's future. By cultivating a vibrant startup ecosystem that leverages the unique strengths of both China and the Portuguese-speaking world, Macau is poised to become a global leader in sustainable entrepreneurship and cross-cultural collaboration.

929 Challenge Application:

Deadline Registration date

  • Sunday 29th September, 2024.


  • Minimum 4 team members, maximum 6. (Including Team Leader)


  • After registration, the Team Leader will receive Email Registration confirmation



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